We believe communities will shape the next chapter of humxn prosperity.

Level1 allows communities to tap into the full potential of their members by uncovering skills and providing a safer space for members to use those skills to create value.

Similar to when a player loads a new video game, Level1 is the space that provides players with the confidence to navigate new worlds, powers, roles, rewards and missions.

During the DAO Global Hackathon 2021
Tokens Issued

Our values

  • Safe

    In order for learning to occur, learners must feel safe to explore. This means creating low-stakes environments without worry of judgement, loss, or harm.

  • Guided

    We learn better together. We prioritize opportunities for humxns to directly help each other over automated experiences.

  • Playful

    Learn by doing is a great way for humxns to retain information. Level1 prioritizes interactive self-paced learning experiences.

  • Observant

    Learners and guides give their most valued resource to Level1, their time. We work to witness and appreciate this at every point in the experience.

  • Fresh

    The perspective and energy a beginners mind brings is what fuels the Level1 platform. We actively seek and value the beginner.

Level1 Maintainers

  • Ray Kanani

    Ray is a humxn that cares about the wellbeing of others. He spends his time thinking about how to create healing, compassioniate experiences that are accessible to all.

  • Muhammad Raza

    Muhammad Raza is an experienced Software Engineer. Who takes pride in providing the best software to help save the environment, health, safety, and quality. He is passionate about learning web3 and machine learning. He lives in the GTA area with his wife and three kids. When he is not writing code, he enjoys gardening, fly fishing, and taking long drives up to the north.

  • Peter Sparacino

    Peter Sparacino is a blockchain and web3 developer from NYC who is avid about building high-quality projects that utilize the full potential of web3. Apart from code he knocks around NYC, and sometimes the world, engaged in all sorts of hijinks and endeavors.

A DAO Tooling Project Incubated by RnDAO